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So, what’s this all about then?  I’ll attempt to explain.

The images I’ve been posting are part of a small comic I’m attempting to put together (with some wonderful assistance from Breakpoint City‘s Brian Emling, currently working in the pixel mines for me) consisting of bits and bobs from an old webcomic I used to produce, called Wake Up Screaming.

You’ll forgive me if I’d don’t provide a link, it’s largely an overenthusiastic, badly put together mess.  However, I’ve decided to put together a small collection as the opportunity came along to share a table at Thought Bubble 2012 with the Mindless Ones.  I’ve contributed the odd article or three on their site, under my guise as Mister Attack.  This year, Gary Lactus, The Beast Must Die, Bobsy, Andrew Hickey (or Andre Whickey if you prefer), Illogical Volume and Hollistic Tendancies will be in attendance, with myself and, I believe, special guest star Plok.

Mr Hickey will be selling his very fine products, and they’re well worth your time.  I believe Mr Gary Lactus, in his stage guise as Fraser Geesin will be debuting his original graphic novel, Knights of the Realm, as well as the fact that, full moon permitting, Mr Dan White will be there to provide more offerings of Cindy & Biscuit.

Seriously, you need Cindy & Biscuit in your life.

Anyway, since everyone else was doing it, I wanted to join in.  I dug out my old Wake Up Screaming comics and picked out about thirty I liked.  Then, I chose the ones I thought stood best on their own.  Some I dug, but they were just too damn connected to older comics, and I didn’t think they were worth salvaging to provide context.  Then, I tweaked a couple of character designs, and attempted to make the text more readable.  In those days, I simply slapped text on and drew a connecting line to the speaker, but had experimented with speech bubbles in another comic that was made in a similar fashion (more on that later).  So, hopefully cleaned up, I have the contents of an amusing little comic.  Assuming the skills of others can compensate for my more Luddite qualities when it comes to modern image processing.

I’ll probably knock out a post detailing some of the bits and bobs that didn’t make it into the assembled product.  All one needs to know is that Wake Up Screaming was a strip about some college students.

So, I should be at Thought Bubble on the 17th and 18th and, with any luck, a pile of comics shall be in my hands.  I’ll be looking out at the people, Bambi-eyed and stammering, trying to convince someone to buy them.

Should be a laugh.


Written by scottmcallister

November 13, 2012 at 10:17 pm

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