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So, this week, I’ve been amusing myself by making little bits and bobs, depending on what’s been on my mind.  I meant to do one a day, since they’re really easy thing for me to do, but it didn’t quite work out that way.  There were two I meant to make that I ended up leaving to tonight.  So, here’s what I did this week:

Andrew Hickey was having problems with Adobe, to the point of considering ritual suicide.  I suggested that he should leave a .pdf in the manner of the Punisher’s War Journal, as it appeared in Punisher 2099.  The last page a terrible scrawl that reads something along the lines of “to you who find this, I charge you to finish my work”.  No, I have no idea why that of all references entered my head.  This lead to a some riffing where Andrew, Holly and myself played with the idea as if it were a sort of Sirens of Titan/Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy/Red Dwarf bit, with a .pdf stating “Adobe killed me” being found in the future and starting a war over it’s interpretation.  I suggested that a time traveler would come back to find Andrew, his messiah, only to discover that he’s just some guy, and that Andrew would end up with a future freeloader.  I think that would make an amusing basis for a future full-on comic, but for now, there’s just this:


Next, a Twitter discussion regarding Grant Morrison’s JLA led to a multi-party agreement that Zaurel was a great character.  And So:


After that, I got lazy.  I had intended to follow that on with caricatures of Messrs Gillen and Ewing, as a token of my appreciation for their Thought Bubble patronage (no sign of horrible side effects as of yet, hooray!).  I have no excuse, other than the fact that I really wanted to play video games.

Since I’ve been lying low all day with a wee touch of a cold, I figured I should get on that backlog:

gillen2 ewing

While I’ve been under a blanket feeling sorry for myself, I’ve been reading some comics.  Mr Volume elected to gift me with all of Brandon Graham‘s King City.  There was a point aaaaaaaages ago where he’d loaned me a bunch of comics, including James Stokoe‘s Orc Stain and some issues of Prophet, which Graham was involved in.  Now, I’d been asking him about King City and he wasn’t sure it was something I’d like, but I guess he gave me these things to test the waters.  I have to say, I thought that they were some spectacularly produced comics, but they didn’t quite click with me.  I would have no hesitation to suggest someone try them, because they are just fantastically put together.  I can see myself maybe dipping back into Orc Stain at another point, even just to admire the art.  So, yeah, we were talking about this on that there Twitter, when Volume made a mistake, and didn’t @ me, and suddenly it was like there was a condemnation of King City in his timeline.  He quickly corrected his position to assure Mr Graham that there was no slam intended, but merely a hesitation in a personal recommendation to a particular individual.  I believe Mr Graham was cool about the misunderstanding.

So, anyways, as part of my assemblage of birthday gifts, Mr Volume gave me the entirety of King City in it’s single issue format, as I believe he now has the trade.  Despite his reservations, I was still curious about the series.  Curled up in bed, I began to read it today.  I pretty much plowed through it.  It’s absolutely brilliant.  The mixture of it’s unusual pacing, weird concepts and humour kept me bouncing all the way through it.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who’s not read it, but there was a moment in the last issue where the story shifted gears – no, that’s a lie, it was consistent with everything that had gone on before.  What I’m trying to get at is that the story didn’t quite do the expected thing.  Instead of building to a huge Hollywood final act, it continued to amble on exactly as it had for eleven previous issues.  The climax was almost incidental.  That easily made it all the more charming to me. Without further ado, I present my take on Joe and Earthling:


Right.  That’s everything.  Time for a cup of tea, methinks.


Written by scottmcallister

December 8, 2012 at 9:58 pm

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