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Shaky Ghosts and Convention Heights

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So, there I was curled up in my bed on a Sunday morning, after a late night of watching rubbish on Netflix and goofing around on video games, when my phone suddenly went off.   I’d forgotten that I had it set the WordPress App to vibrate if there were any comments, and at 9:01 in the morning I was pointed to the fact that a nice little review by Laura Sneddon went up on The Beat.

It brought home the fact I was very lazy and didn’t do any kind of promotion or write-up of last weekend’s Thought Bubble.  The best thing that springs to mind right now, is to point to the most recent episode of the Silence! podcast, where I can be heard jokingly threatening ritualistic violence against a certain comic creator.

Laura’s review spotted the wood and the trees, as all my comics were webcomics at some point in their lives, but haven’t been for… Oh, about four or five years now.  But now it seems I’m back in the game…

My new comic is called The Weegie Board.  I’m on art chores, but not writing this time.

In the run-up to Thought Bubble, my friend David Allison threw himself into making a couple of wee pieces of his own.  If you combed through Laura’s Thought Bubble reading list review, you may have seen her review of his mini-comic and think-piece ‘zine Looking Glass Heights.  He also put together Cut-Out Witch, a wee comic about ghosts and other lost souls with Lynne Henderson.  Foolish boy that he is, he actually attempted to hammer out a third piece which I was going to contribute to (if I didn’t go mad trying to put together two of my own comics in two weeks), but that fell by the wayside, because there’s challenging yourself and then there’s suicide by ‘zine/comic.  I did get my parts together and we decided it’d be funny to put them together as  free handouts for Thought Bubble, offered in “swearing and non swearing” varieties.  Many more people took the swearing versions.

We judged you all for this.

We decided to pop the comics up on the web as The Weegie Board, and see where we go from there.  Feel free to check out every week for a new musing from David’s brain.  And, hey, perhaps pick up a comic from either of us?


Written by scottmcallister

December 1, 2013 at 10:35 am

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